Easy Self Treatment


This is a general treatment for stress that works for most, but not everyone.
The disclaimer in the video gives more detail information.


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“Since 1992, I’ve assisted countless people in resolving psychological issues with TFT. Suzanne Connolly does a superb job of distilling the essence of this approach in her training program so that you too can realize benefits for yourself and others. I highly recommend this training!”

Fred P. Gallo Ph.D., DCEP
President, Association for
Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Author of Energy Psychology

“I am really impressed with Suzanne’s video. The chapters are well organized and you can study a chapter or two when you have time. Suzanne does a beautiful job of integrating TFT within an overall therapeutic framework.”

Robert Schwarz, Psy.D., DCEP
Exec. Director, Association for
Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Author of Tools for Transforming Trauma