Live Workshop FAQ’s

Cost of the Suzanne Connolly’s Live 2‐day TFT Workshop is $350.00
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blankCan I earn continuing education credits by taking a Suzanne Connolly Workshop?
The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists  (CAMFT Provider # 051033) has approved Suzanne Connolly Workshops for 13 continuing education credits for social workers, counselors and marriage and family therapists. The California Board of Registered Nursing (Provider# CEP 13320) has approved the workshops for 13 CEs.

A Typical Day at a Live Workshop
We ask you to arrive at 8:30 am to sign in and enjoy a continental breakfast.
Training with Suzanne will begin at 8:45 am. The following is an approximate guide to the day’s events:
8:30 Sign in and continental breakfast
8:45 Training with Suzanne begins 10:30-­10:45 Morning break
12-­1:15 Lunch
3:00 Break
5:00 Training ends for the day

It is important that you be on time to the day’s training in the morning. Thought Field Therapy is based on the acupuncture system and these spots will be learned very early on each day. It is difficult to catch up if you miss the early part of the training.

What to Wear
Wear whatever you will feel comfortable in. Most attendees dress in casual attire. You may want to dress in layers as meeting room temperatures vary ~ we want you to be comfortable. Please DO NOT wear fragrances such as perfumes, scented hair sprays or colognes, etc. Many attendees have environmental sensitivities and all energy work is more effective and efficient in a fragrance‐free environment.

What is a TFT Diagnostic Training?
A TFT Diagnostic Training incorporates the use of muscle testing which requires the practitioner to touch the client. The TFT Diagnostic Training is only taught by trainers who have been approved by Dr. Roger Callahan, the originator of Thought Field Therapy. Anyone not having this approval and claiming to teach a TFT Diagnostic Training may be using outdated Thought Field Therapy techniques.

What is the difference between TFT and the Emotional Freedom Technique?
The Emotional Freedom technique was developed by one of Dr. Callahan’s students. The technique borrows from the acupressure points that Dr. Callahan uses as a basis for TFT, but uses different tapping sequences and affirmations to achieve results.

I want to come to Sedona for a live workshop! Where can I stay?
Sedona is a beautiful, world‐renowned resort town that has many inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts and hotels.
Here are some links to many of the wonderful places to stay in Sedona:

The Sedona Chamber of Commerce
Sedona Bed and Breakfasts
Sugar Loaf Lodge (next to the workshop)

What is your Workshop cancellation policy?
If we receive a notice of cancellation at least two weeks prior to the workshop date, your fees will be fully refunded. If we receive your notice of cancellation less than two weeks prior to the date of the workshop, we will not refund your payment, but you can apply the funds to a future workshop date.

Need special accommodation?   If, as a workshop participant,  you have any special accommodation needs please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.  The usual Sedona Location of the training is on a second story with one flight of stairs and no elevator access.  We would be happy to move to a more accommodating meeting room if a participant would have any difficulty navigating a stairway or if you have any other special needs.



“I am still in awe of the training I received from Suzanne in Sedona. She is blessed with a real gift! The best thing I can do for others is to pass it along.”

Jeanne Montross,
Nurse Practitioner
Jacksonville, Florida

“Having Thought Field Therapy in your toolbox is sure to greatly enhance your ability to assist your clients. I’m so excited that this excellent training is now so easily available to everyone. I’m sure you’ll find it as valuable as I did.”

Debby Vajda, LCSW
Past President of ACEP

“I took the TFT Algorithm online course from Suzanne Connolly (May, 2015). Well presented and logical. I began using TFT with my clients immediately and have had good results. Great place to begin learning energy psychology. Start here. You won’t regret it.“

Charles Townsend, LCSW