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Want to learn at your own pace in your own home or office?

The Thought Field Therapy Online Training for Professionals gives you the ability to take Suzanne’s lauded TFT training classes without having to travel. You’ll feel like you’re in class with her as you watch the professionally-filmed video of an actual group of professionals, teachers and individuals participating in the live workshop. It’s a convenient and cost-saving way of receiving the benefits of Suzanne’s training. Study at your own pace and save on travel expenses!

Learn to combine TFT with traditional psychotherapy techniques to get to the root of your clients’ concerns quickly, easily and gently. You’ll receive the newest and easiest forms of the TFT algorithms so you can have maximum effect.

Thought Field Therapy Online Training for Professionals will help you:

♦ Develop and enhance your current practice

♦ Improve your Energy Psychology skills

♦ Understand basic TFT algorithms

♦ Incorporate additional acu-points for specific problems

♦ Combine TFT with Ericksonian reframing technique

♦ Work with couples using Susan Johnson’s Emotionally-Focused Therapy

♦ Utilize wider trauma relief protocols

♦ Apply advanced TFT techniques effectively

The self-paced TFT training course is divided into 24 high-definition video segments, averaging 20 minutes each. You will also receive a downloadable and printable Algorithm Training Manual and handouts that will guide you as you learn TFT.

Suzanne’s authentic, informed style is engaging and easy to follow. Most participants feel enriched by the training as they deepen their understanding of TFT, sharpen their skills and experience more effectiveness in their practice.

Earn Continuing Education Credits!
After viewing the training videos and taking a quick quiz and practicing the algorithms, you will be able to receive 13 Continuing Education credits for Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Counselors and Nurses through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (Provider# PCE 289) and through the California Board of Registered Nurses (Provider# CEP 13320).

Note: The videos you will be watching have been cut to eight hours of mostly didactic learning. Because the skills of TFT are best learned by doing, you will need to spend 5 additional hours reviewing your downloadable manual and practicing on yourself and/or others to duplicate the interactive sections of the TFT training. If you will be taking the quiz and applying for the 13 hours of continuing education credit, you will be attesting to having completed the above requirements.

Thought Field Therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a full range of psychological problems, including fear, trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, loss, PTSD, self-defeating behavior, peak performance blocks, panic attacks, phobias, and more.


Not a professional?
You are welcome to take this highly respected course even if you are not a professional.
There is tremendous benefit for individuals who want to learn the
techniques of TFT for self-help and self-care.

I love Suzanne’s program…
Suzanne’s program seems to me very much in line with ACEP goals, values, and mission – in that it is well-presented, very clear, the teaching is provided by a professional clinician, and it is oriented towards other clinicians who will wish to integrate it into their existing practice and the wider field of psychology and science. Even those who already have some background in TFT will find much that is of value in this clear presentation of basic concepts and techniques – and, as the advert says, it is the first and most fundamental form of EP(Energy Psychology).

Phil Mollon, Ph.D, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst

money-back guarantee: If, within 7 days of enrolling in Suzanne Connolly’s Online TFT Training, you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded in full. A refund will not be issued if you request a certificate of completion and/or CEU documentation in those 7 days.