In an amazingly short amount of time, Thought Field Therapy has helped many conquer a wide range if issues including Anxiety and Fears, PTSD, Trauma, Anger… and much more


Phobias and Panic Attacks, Addictive Urges, Eating Disorders and Weight Problems, Embarrassment, Guilt and Shame, Compulsive Behavior, Compulsive Negativity and Obsessive Thoughts, Grief and Loss, Insomnia and Depression, Physical Pain and Self Sabotage

Thought Field Therapy is a proven, highly-­effective, non-­invasive brief therapy technique that was developed and refined over the last 35 years by the late psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan and his wife Joanne Callahan. TFT utilizes a sequence of self‐tapping to stimulate specific acupuncture points while recalling a traumatic event or cue. It facilitates the relaxation response while the person experiencing exposure to the problem by simply thinking about the problem. The improvement is almost always relatively quick and, in most cases, long-­lasting.


As a therapist or health practitioner, you’ll invite your client to identify a problematic thought or memory that they wish to heal. This could be an anxiety, a past trauma, anger, feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment, addictive urges, or even physical pain. Then, typically, they’ll watch that disturbance, addictive urges or pain diminish as you instruct them to tap on certain areas of the face and hands in a specific order. Even the most skeptical clients usually report that TFT reduces the intensity of their unwanted feelings. While no therapist can offer a guarantee; clients typically cannot get back the original feeling of upset, even if they try. Addictive urges and physical pain require the person to self‐treat between appointments.

Thousands of psychotherapists, medical doctors, nurses and others in the caring professions around the world use Thought Field Therapy as a complimentary alternative technique to help others in need.

Thirteen Continuing Education Credits for professionals.


TFT can help you release the unwanted feelings, negative patterns and emotional burdens that you carry with you day to day. It’s a simple tapping technique that you can use anywhere, anytime, whenever you need to. While the process is simple, your body and mind work together in a highly sophisticated way to eradicate the core of the feelings that get in the way of your living a full, rich and satisfying life. Traumas, guilt, fears, shame, anxiety and depression are a few of the most common reasons people use TFT. Numerous scientific studies have proven its effectiveness around the globe. Free yourself today with Thought Field Therapy.


Whether you want to use TFT for yourself or you want to integrate it into your traditional or alternative therapy practice, enroll for an Online Training with Suzanne. You’ll receive guidance and practice using TFT techniques, experience the profound relief and have a lot of fun too.

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“I’ve been back just over a week. 7 flights without meds! Did great except for the last leg when I was so exhausted I took a pill to make me sleep. Also went up to the top of a very high mountain to a monastery via cable car hundreds of feet above the ground, straight up the side of another mountain in a tram and to the very top of the Gaudi Cathedral in Barcelona. I was the only one in our group that didn’t get queasy!”

C. N. Spain 2014,
former client who suffered from
fear of flying and fear of heights

Callahan‐Approved Trainings

Suzanne’s TFT Training Courses are approved by Callahan Techniques®, founded by Roger and Joanne Callahan, the creators of Thought Field Therapy. Only Callahan-­‐approved TFT instructors receive ongoing updates to the techniques and methods they use, so you can be confident that your TFT education experience is up-­‐to-­‐date with the most recent advances and improvements from the creators of TFT. We highly recommend that you learn TFT only from Callahan-­Techniques approved trainers.